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        Intro to 5 Tips to Planning a Creative Photoshoot. As some of you may know, in January I decided to make a goal for my business and creative growth. I decided that I would plan one creative project each month for 12 months in 2020. Whether it was a styled shoot or some creative self portraiture didn’t matter. The idea was to create something new. Plus it’s important to me to continue challenging myself to learn as I try new things. Besides perfecting my craft, this goal allows me to connect with other vendors and businesses.

        Tip 1 to Planning a Creative Photoshoot

        Find a model and vendors to collaborate your idea

        The first thing I did to get my idea off the ground was to find a model. It’s pretty scary to get on Instagram and start stalking people, but it’s the one of the best tips to planning a creative photoshoot. Start by looking at location tags, then allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole until you find someone who seems like they enjoy taking photos. If you’re serious about getting your project off the ground, you have to be bold and put yourself out there. I’m lucky to have already worked with a handful of vendors I’m close with, but if you need vendors the same rules apply. Just be friendly and clear about your vision and the right people who are willing to donate their services for trade will pop up.

        Tip 2 to Planning a Creative Photoshoot

        Get on Pinterest for inspo and create a moodboard

        The second thing in planning this shoot was to hop onto Pinterest to get some inspiration! If you’re not on Pinterest, do you even live in 2020?! My initial idea for this editorial photoshoot came from an admiration of film photography. I knew I wanted to utilize grain and warm tones in my images. Then take my love for the 70’s and add that to the fact that Valentine’s Day was coming up and BOOM. So I got on Pinterest and started finding inspiration for hair, makeup, and outfits/accessories for my model. I created different boards for each topic and started researching.

        Tip 3 to Planning a Creative Photoshoot

        Location, location, location

        Once I had my model, vendors, and inspiration, the next thing was to find the right location to shoot at. I got really lucky to find this amazing mid-century modern styled room that I found through Airbnb. I don’t think I realized how important having the proper location was until the day of the shoot. What I didn’t realize was that the renter had multiple lofts, therefore I had wrongly assumed the room I wanted was the one I had rented. Thankfully, the renter was gracious enough to allow me to shoot in the room I had envisioned and it worked out. However, it made me realize that without having that exact location this shoot wouldn’t have been what I had dreamed of. But the location made all the difference.

        Tip 4 to Planning a Creative Photoshoot

        Sketch out a shot list

        During the shoot, I was so happy I decided to put in the extra effort and sketch out a shot list. Although it’s fun to be creative in the moment, when time is limited you risk missing shots if you’re not prepared. I only had the room for one hour, therefore it was imperative I had my ideas written out beforehand. However, I actually learned this tip from Ben Sasso. I grabbed my sketch book and drew the worst stick figures known to man and scribbled out little notes to refer to during the session. It was really helpful! Under pressure sometimes I blank and forget all the ideas I had before, so it really came in handy.

        Tip 5 to Planning a Creative Photoshoot

        Have some freakin’ fun

        This sounds like a no brainer, but honestly if you aren’t having fun during a shoot that YOU put together FOR FUN, what’s the point? You did all this work, brought all these people together, and you’re doing what you love. You might as well enjoy it! Things happen under pressure and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. But that’s why you’re here! And that’s why you have to keep challenging yourself in the creative realm. With each project, you’ll learn what to expect and how to handle things if they should go awry. So remember that you planned this photoshoot for FUN to learn and connect with like minded individuals. So enjoy it.

        To contact me for collaborating in a styled shoot click here.

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