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        Hello my friends!

        I am so excited to have my first guest writer on this blog and she’s speaking to you about staying body positive! If anything, there is no better time than a boudoir to speak up about self-love. I got so much out of this shoot with Chelsea! I was inspired by her confidence and conscious decision to silence thoughts about herself that weren’t body positive or uplifting.

        Exuding self-respect among other qualities that I admire about her, Chelsea absolutely killed this shoot. I am grateful to her for inviting me into her home and bedroom and allowing me to be a part of such an intimate and empowering setting. Keep scrolling for Chelsea’s take on staying body positive!


        Featuring: Chelsea Takemoto
        Kimono: Vintage
        Blue Bra: Victoria’s Secret
        Denim Shirt: Vintage
        Mesh Bodysuit: ASOS

        Chelsea’s take on Body Positivity:

        I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret; life is so much more enjoyable when you learn to love yourself where you are and as you are. I’m not saying to not have goals; I’m saying stop loathing who you are, stop wishing you looked like someone else, or that you looked like yourself 30 pounds ago (*cough cough* that’s me).

        I’ve spent four years wanting to do a boudoir session, but kept telling myself “Next year, when I’m more fit or have lost some weight…” I feel like I’ve been wishing my twenties away. What an enjoyable way to live! Not.
        This last year has been filled with a lot of inner growth, and something in me changed this spring: I decided I was going to do a boudoir shoot and start loving myself. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely nervous about the whole thing, but I was going to be brave and have some fun! 

        And when the doubt of “What about all of my stretch marks and flaws?” crept in, my husband was there to knock some sense into me, and reassure me that those things made me beautiful and made me ME. To photo-shop those things out would not be in keeping with loving myself, and what testament would I be sharing with others?

        Enter Sam:
        Our paths crossed at the perfect time, and I have loved getting to work with her while shooting small business content for Brow Baby Studio. And, if you aren’t feeling yourself, her warm, personable, cheerleader personality is SURE to make you feel yourself!
        Shooting with her was so fun and liberating – the boudoir shoot flew by! I’m going to cherish these photos forever! I look like me, I’m dressed like me, and I look hot! They are a fun gift for my husband, and are going to serve as a reminder to continue to love myself.
        If you’re struggling in the confidence and self love department, I have a few tips to share: Surround yourself with strong, unique, and kind women – they will build you up. Unfollow those social media accounts that are making you feel discontent. Get outside – this might sound weird, but there’s something primal and feminine about connecting with nature, and it will feed your inner woman.
        Get active – something about connecting with your body and appreciating what it can do, will really feed that confidence. Finally, book yourself a boudoir shoot – seriously, I have never felt better or sexier (stretch marks and all!)

        Well, she’s my baby girl, and I’ve always known to my core how B E A U T I F U L she is, inside and out. But, it’s a whole different universe when she believes it herself. Thanks Sam, for helping Chelsea express her powerful self, and inspire others to realize their own beauty lays within! Your work is exquisite! <3

        Awwwww thank you so much for your commment! I apologize for the late reply! I’m still new at blogging and I completely missed this. She really is an amazing woman both inside and out and I’m lucky/blessed she was able to empower other women here on my blog! And thank you so so very much for your encouraging and supportive words! xoxo Sam

        Preach it GIRLS!

        Holy smokes do these words speak to my soul! If we all looked exactly alike and were made from a cookie cutter mold, what a boring, less beautiful world, we would all be living in! What we see as flaws and imperfections in ourselves make us unique, and make us who we are and should only ever be celebrated, because we are all beautiful and need to OWN it! Sam Payne truly captured the shining spirit and breathtaking beauty that shines from the inside out, (and what an out! I mean, smoking!!!!), of her beautiful model Chelsea! This inspires me and motivates me to love myself, embrace myself and revel in my being before time passes me by. Thank you Chelsea for putting yourself out there, and thank you Sam for capturing and preserving an essence of self love, confidence and strength.

        In the words of Ru Paul, “If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else.-

        Can I get an Amen up in hurrr??!”

        OMG wow!!! I just saw this post and appreciate your comment so much! Chelsea really is the epitome of confidence, strength and beauty! I was so grateful to have the opportunity to capture it all in an image. She truly is a kind soul I am so blessed to know!

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