Boho Western Wedding

    I’m posting this Boho Western Wedding blog from Wolf Lakes Park super late and I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up for months now! However, I imagine it feels like that for a lot of us leading up to the holidays. For most of us wedding vendors, the craziness of “wedding season” passed in October. However, my plate is still full of engagement shoots and even a December wedding in San Diego! For a girl starting off her first year in business as a full-time photographer I feel pretty good. I remember proclaiming out loud to my friends and family back in January, “2019 is my year! The year where I am successful and I will make it as an artist!” However, little did I know the ups and downs that would come in the passing months.

    Before I was a Wedding Photographer

    Now for those of you who are new, back in April (2019) I was laid off of my job at an IT company. Without having photography as a back up plan, I understand this situation could have been really devastating to me. However, I specifically remember driving out of the parking lot and down the freeway thinking, “I’m literally driving towards my dreams”. I had never felt so free or in charge of my future before! What could have been a very discouraging situation, God had turned into a blessing for my good. I knew I would never work for anyone else again (unless I have to lol. Then we must humble ourselves). But here I am, writing about a Boho Western Wedding and planning many more shoots and blogs.

    Wedding Photog Girl Boss

    And on that note, I was off. I booked as many second shooting jobs as I could, I took price cuts on my own bookings, I did tons of stuff for free, and I marketed the crap out of myself. Learning how to talk to your iPhone whether it’s in public or in front of your dogs in the comfort of your own home is no easy feat. (Insert laughing crying emoji here). So, I officially opened up Sam Payne Photo and got my books in order and here I am. A girl boss. An entrepreneur. The owner of a company. And it’s only been seven months. The words in this blog can’t describe the feeling of pride and joy I have experienced in this endeavor. I’m a blessed gal and I truly can’t wait to see what the next seven months brings.

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