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        The Photographs Mean Everything

        This Dairy Farm Wedding at Westwood Farms takes me back to my wedding day… All the planning and effort put into your wedding day is worth it when you can look back on the precious memories you made with the ones you love. As a bride in 2017 therefore I can tell you that I’ve never felt more rewarded for all my efforts than I do when I get to look back on my wedding day photos. I didn’t have a wedding planner, but even if I had I probably wouldn’t have let her do any work. Because everything was important. The florals had to be perfectly boho, the tables had to be arranged just so, and I HAD to have the aisle rugs. It wouldn’t be my wedding if it wasn’t Pinterest worthy. So I worked for it. And I made it happen.

        Weddings Are Hard Work

        So of course after months of vendor searching and organizing the timeline and arrangements, it wouldn’t be complete without custom wedding invitations by yours truly. Yes, I designed my own wedding invitations, thank you cards, and RSVP’s. You guys, I would have photographed my own wedding if I could have! And looking back I am so glad that I took the initiative to save money and plan everything myself. It taught me how to be assertive, communicate clearly, and work hard to succeed at something I wanted and deserved. Because of my experience, I have a heart for every single bride out there. The stress, the nerves, the freakouts over finances, and everything else that my brides have gone through you can bet I did too.

        How My Wedding Day Experience Affects Yours

        My experience shooting this Dairy Farm Wedding at Westwood Farms is just an example of how much work goes into the wedding day. Therefore I stand by my beliefs that the photographs mean everything. My sweet photographer captured every detail. The window I hand calligraphed the seating chart on, the macrame chair hangings I purchased from Amazon, the geodes with my guests names on them to take home as wedding favors. She even caught the sweet, sweet moment after we said “I do” when we all looked to the sky and saw beautifully colored hot air balloons floating above our heads. As a photographer I now understand it all. It’s about more than a beautiful image. It’s about capturing the things you might have missed as your special day flew by. And with that understanding, I am a better photographer for it.

        My Wedding Day Photographer: Morgan Hydinger

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