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        Mini Styled Shoot

        Okay…you really don’t get cuter than couples in love, roasting marshmallows by the campfire in a dusky setting at the lake. Planning a mini styled photo shoot can be really simple and rewarding. It doesn’t take a whole lot to coordinate to make it happen. The first thing I did was find an adventurous couple of friends and ask them to model for me. Steve and Vanessa are literally the PERFECT couple to do something like this! Steve is a pilot and Vanessa is a free spirit. Together they make up the definition of adventure! So of course I was so glad when they agreed to meet me in Bass Lake for this little shoot.

        It’s All About the Hair

        It might not be super obvious at first that when trying to convey playfulness and joy in an image, but the hair says it all. While I absolutely love directing my couples to run and jump and skip and I especially like using the word “romping”. Because there really isn’t another word that can quite describe the look I’m after better than “romping” can. And can we all just take a moment to appreciate the head of hair on Steve?! Since I can’t imagine anyone else topping my hair dreams by all means if you think you can compete, please, let’s try!

        Let’s Try Not to Kill the Models

        To finish off this dusky campfire couples session, I have a slightly funny story. When picking up those Barrelhouse Brew IPA’s I truly thought, “The packaging is super cute, I love this orange color, and who doesn’t love mango?” Friendly reminder my friends, always ask about food allergies before purchasing anything. My sweet model and friend Vanessa was ALLERGIC to mango! However, I can say, no models were hurt in the shooting of these images. I chugged that IPA, rinsed it thoroughly, begged for forgiveness and asked if she would use it as a prop. I have to shake my head at myself…oh the things I’ve learned in this amazing journey in my business.