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        The Adventure

        This adorable snowy session went exactly as I expected. These lovers and I drove up HWY 41 seeking the snow and luckily didn’t need the chains we failed to bring in the Toyota. Shortly before we came upon the Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp we found the snow! We parked and as we unpacked, a light mist started to settle around us and clung to our bodies.

        The snow was cold and deep, so we set up a blanket for the lovers’ and snapped a couple of cute shots in the snow. Their poor little Dachshund was soon shivering so we stowed him away in the truck. As we continued, the mist that surrounded us turned into a constant drizzle. Because it was so wet we took shelter under the resort’s entrance trying save Nicole’s hair.

        The Magic

        Thus, this is my favorite part, because as soon as we realized the drizzle wasn’t going anywhere we embraced it. There they were, two lovers caught in the rain, embracing as gently as the drops that fell. These two people played and loved like there was no one else in the world.

        To see two of my favorite people grow closer together over the years gives me a sentimental heart. Capturing a love story is so much more than imagery. There are memories, emotions, and words to tell the story. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to do my part in telling the story of two lovers who created a friendship so deep.

        I also have a special place in my heart for the Tenaya Lodge. When I was a child my family would come up just to play in the snow and get hot cocoa after. It was a magical place that I hold near and dear to my heart.

        Location: Tenaya Lodge


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