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        Rustic Barnyard Wedding

        Hello dear friends and welcome to my first wedding blog post featuring this Rustic Barnyard Wedding at Sunset! I am so happy to finally have the opportunity to share with you the first wedding I’ve ever shot. This year I professed to the universe that 2019 would be MY YEAR. I said it over and over again. I knew I wanted to shoot weddings and I knew I wanted to be full-time even though I didn’t know how or when these dreams of mine would come to fruition. It really went from being a dream to a reality when I got my first job as a second shooter at this rustic barnyard wedding. With hard work and determination, it’s snowballed into something I never imagined in my first year of business.

        God has blessed me with the gift of gab and I reached out to many talented photographers asking to learn from them and shoot as second at any weddings they needed an assistant. I am ecstatic to share with you that by the end of 2019, I will have shot over 10 weddings and I’ve now booked 2 of my own. God has truly blessed me with a passion for people and creativity and I am looking forward to booking many more weddings and perhaps yours too! Thank you for visiting my page today and watching my journey. I truly am living the dream.

        Images by Sam Payne Photo

        Lead Photographer: Dakota Lynn Photography

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