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        My First Urban Sunset Styled Shoot

        This Urban Sunset Styled Shoot in Joshua Tree, CA was the most awesome thing I’ve ever put together. Firstly, I posted a “model call” on instagram asking for an adventurous couple who would be down to shoot in an epic location. However, there was already a couple who had asked me if I would be interested in doing photos in Joshua Tree for their anniversary. The problem was, I didn’t have their contact information! So I put out a post asking for the mystery couple to contact me directly after my model call and as a result when Sarah + Brent saw both posts they jumped at the chance to model for me and they wanted to do it in Joshua Tree. In other words, that was the beginning of this amazing adventure. I had a month and a half to plan and the pressure was on.

        I Said Yes to the Daughters of Simone Dress

        Secondly, after I had secured a date with Sarah + Brent I needed to plan the theme for the shoot. It never crossed my mind that I could actually acquire a designer bridal gown for my first styled shoot. However, as luck would have it I discovered that the new headquarters for Daughters of Simone had their grand opening in downtown Fresno just the week before. So, I took a leap of faith and contacted them explaining that I was a local photographer wanting to represent the Fresno location in a styled shoot in Joshua Tree. As a result they wrote me back saying they would love to lend me a dress! Therefore, they offered me three gorgeous designer gowns to choose from. I picked the Valentina from their 2019 Day Dream Collection and everything started coming together beautifully.

        Where Everything Almost Fell Apart

        Finally, on the day of the shoot a couple of things didn’t go according to plan. For instance, we started late and we lost a lot of light. In addition, I didn’t do the research properly in regards to shooting without a permit in a national park. Within the first five minutes of being on location, a sheriff pulled over and questioned what we were doing. All the while, the sun was setting behind me and I was just praying I wouldn’t get shut down. I learned my lesson…do your research and get proper permits! However, the sheriff went easy on me and let me off with a warning. With another 10 minutes of sunlight gone, I shot as much as I could before the sun went completely behind the hills.

        In Conclusion

        Lastly, not only did I have an encounter with the police, we had a wardrobe issue and I stabbed my foot with a cactus. It’s such a sweet reminder to me when I look at these photos that real life happens and when it does the show must go on. However, we can still achieve success even when we feel discouraged by moments we can’t control. I had the absolute best experience in planning my first Urban Sunset Styled Shoot in Joshua Tree and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’ll take the cactus in my foot and the law any day if it means I get to come out on the other side with images like this and greater knowledge and experience than I had before. You can’t learn unless you try and I learned a lot in planning this shoot. And I sure am glad I tried.


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        GIRL!!!!! These photos are IN-CRED-I-BLE!! I love them all!

        AHHHHH!!! Thank you my sweet friend! It means everything to hear that from you who are by the way, such GOALS! Thank you thank you thank you!

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